Victims of haiti essay

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Victims of haiti essay

Victims of haiti essay

Both in and beyond the capital, Port-au-Prince, progress made in tackling long-standing human rights issues — including the problem of gender-based violence against women and girls — seems a distant memory. In too many cases, the most vulnerable have been the victims of exploitation and abuse.

Business in Anse-a-Pitre is anything but booming. To make matters worse, pre-existing aid and resources have been diverted to address post-quake needs elsewhere. The six met in the backyard of small cement house located off a residential dirt road.

Despite the importance they attached to this meeting, each of the three men and three women in attendance was patient and respectful.

Seated in the shade on a circle on wooden chairs, they spoke and listened in turn.

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Daily life in the close quarters of a tent or one-room house has taken away any semblance of privacy. Come nightfall, poorly located latrines — or the complete lack thereof — require women and children to steal away to unlit areas.

Few people feel safe. She speaks fluent Creole and knows the issues. Emergencies increase the vulnerability of girls and women to gender-based violence. She stresses, however, that such violence can be avoided.

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Today in Haiti, support groups are teaching both men and women how to prevent violence, as well as how to create safe spaces for their daughters. Small plastic-coated referral cards, printed in Haitian Creole, instruct victims on where to go for medical care and support.

Overcrowded conditions in homes and camps are increasing the danger of gender-based violence against women and girls. And of course, the provision of timely information gives survivors access to full medical treatment, psycho-social support and justice.

Plans to develop dedicated health centres for women and girls are currently in the works in the areas hardest-hit by the earthquake — including Port-au-Prince, Leogane and Jacmel.Jan 20,  · Remembering the victims of the Haiti earthquake. And their deaths have left members of the women's movement, Haitian and otherwise, reeling.

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Haiti’s cholera epidemic, which erupted in , worsened during the year because of heavy rains as well as poor sanitation for those still displaced by the earthquake and for migrants living in camps along Haiti’s border with the Dominican Republic.

The UN has launched an appeal for $m (£m), to help victims of Tuesday's devastating earthquake in Haiti. UN humanitarian chief John Holmes said the funds were intended to help three million people for six months.

Essay about Victims of Haiti Words 3 Pages It affected 3,, people, left 1,, homeless, injured , people, and took the precious lives of , innocent victims. In the early 17th century, the French established a presence on Hispaniola, and in , Spain ceded to the French the western third of the island, which later became Haiti.

How to Help Victims of Natural Disasters by braniac A disastrous serious of earthquakes with a magnitude from to hit Haiti on January 12 and devastated most of its capital Port-au-Prince and the search, rescue and recovery mission continues.

Victims of haiti essay
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