Technology trends

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Technology trends

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Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for October 3, Trends Artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, digital twins, event-thinking and continuous adaptive security create a foundation for the next generation of digital business models and ecosystems. How do designers make cars safer?

They treat them like a school of fish. Safe Swarm, recently unveiled by Hondauses vehicle-to-vehicle communication to allow cars to pass information on to other cars in the vicinity. For example, alerts about an accident miles up the road could be relayed to cars miles back, enabling them to operate collaboratively and intelligently to avoid accidents and mitigate traffic.

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The evolution of intelligent things, such as collective thinking car swarms, is one of 10 strategic trends with broad industry impact and significant potential for disruption.

How AI is seeping into virtually every technology and with a defined, well-scoped focus can allow more dynamic, flexible and potentially autonomous systems. Blending the virtual and real worlds to create an immersive digitally enhanced and connected environment.

The connections between an expanding set of people, business, devices, content and services to deliver digital outcomes. AI Foundation The ability to use AI to enhance decision making, reinvent business models and ecosystems, and remake the customer experience will drive the payoff for digital initiatives through Lessons from Artificial Intelligence Pioneers Although using AI correctly will result in a big digital business payoff, the promise and pitfalls of general AI where systems magically perform any intellectual task that a human can do and dynamically learn much as humans do is speculative at best.

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Narrow AI, consisting of highly scoped machine-learning solutions that target a specific task such as understanding language or driving a vehicle in a controlled environment with algorithms chosen that are optimized for that task, is where the action is today.

Watch now Trend No. Intelligent Apps and Analytics Over the next few years every app, application and service will incorporate AI at some level. AI will run unobtrusively in the background of many familiar application categories while giving rise to entirely new ones.

AI has become the next major battleground in a wide range of software and service markets, including aspects of ERP. Intelligent apps also create a new intelligent intermediary layer between people and systems and have the potential to transform the nature of work and the structure of the workplace, as seen in virtual customer assistants and enterprise advisors and assistants.

Augmented analytics is a particularly strategic growing area that uses machine learning for automating data preparation, insight discovery and insight sharing for a broad range of business users, operational workers and citizen data scientists.

Intelligent Things Intelligent things use AI and machine learning to interact in a more intelligent way with people and surroundings.

B. Enterprise Systems Technologies

These things operate semiautonomously or autonomously in an unsupervised environment for a set amount of time to complete a particular task. Examples include a self-directing vacuum or autonomous farming vehicle.

As the technology develops, AI and machine learning will increasingly appear in a variety of objects ranging from smart healthcare equipment to autonomous harvesting robots for farms. As intelligent things proliferate, expect a shift from stand-alone intelligent things to a swarm of collaborative intelligent things.

In this model, multiple devices will work together, either independently or with human input. The leading edge of this area is being used by the military, which is studying the use of drone swarms to attack or defend military targets.

Digital Twins A digital twin is a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. In the context of IoT, digital twins are linked to real-world objects and offer information on the state of the counterparts, respond to changes, improve operations and add value.Technology Trends covers the most disruptive and innovative fields on earth including blockchain, virtual reality, internet-of-things, and more.

Tech Trends It’s all CIOs can do to keep up with each new disruptive technology—blockchain, cognitive, digital reality—and incorporate them into specific organizational domains. But there’s a better way to understand and use today’s profound changes: to see these technological forces as complementary, working in harmony.

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Technology trends

About the Research. The KPMG Technology Trends Index is the first index in the world to provide a dynamic, live view of technology trends in eight large industry sectors.

It shows the ebb and flow of around 25 selected trends over a period of days, continuously updated.

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