Ghost writing articles

I have come out of my hiatus from this Sounding Board blog to respond to an anonymous question I received and apologizes for how long it has taken. It seems highly unethical and dishonest but there is very little out [there] that clearly articulates when a president should and should not byline their work and papers. In both cases the material is the original creation of someone other than the publicly named author.

Ghost writing articles

The fundamental problem facing any professional writer is finding a steady supply of ideas and subjects so dazzlingly certain to appeal to the book-buying public that publishers are bound to put up huge advances. One answer is to collaborate with other people who lack writing skills and experience but have all the necessary information.

These people might be celebrities who would impress publishers because of their notoriety through the tabloid or other media, or ordinary people who have undergone extraordinary experiences.

Alternatively they might be experts in subjects that the public want to know more about. The idea was first put to me by a management guru I was interviewing for a business magazine.

He suggested that I should write them for him, having attended a few of his seminars and riffled through his filing cabinet. In the film industry, as screenwriter William Goldman and others have repeatedly pointed out, everything about the writing process has to do with teamwork and collaboration.

Why should the same principles not apply to book writing? The idea started to grow on me. If collaboration and adaptation were good enough for William Shakespeare, they should be good enough for the rest of us. Only the smallest percentage of books get reviewed. Most vanish completely from the shelves within a few months of publication, and are usually pretty hard to find even during those few months.

Apart from a handful of literary stars, many of whom choose to write under pseudonyms anywayfew people recognise the names of authors. While Gillian was spending a week being whistled around all day from breakfast television to late night television, I could stay comfortably at home and get on with my next project, content in the knowledge that the promotional side of the project was in the hands of a true mistress of the media.

Sometimes you will get a mention in the acknowledgements and sometimes you will not appear at all. It does help if your name can appear somewhere on the cover of the books you are most proud to be associated with. Of all the advantages that ghosting offers, the greatest must be the opportunities that a ghost gets to meet people of interest.

Ghosting a book for someone is like being paid to be educated by the best teachers in the world. Imagine being paid to learn everything that is in the heads of these people and then turning their thoughts, words and notes into book form.

Could there be a better form of education? Of course, not all people who use ghost writers are going to create books of such lasting value.

But suppose one of your specialist areas is information technology. If you get invited to ghost for one of the most famous innovators in the business you will be able to ask questions about the future and learn things at his or her knee which other people would have to pay good money for in the form of consultancy or seminar fees.

Zana Muhsen, who had escaped back to England after her father had sold her as a child bride in the Yemen, went to her local library to find out about ghost writers.

The librarian obligingly looked me up in The Bookseller.

ghost writing articles

Having been to see her and heard her story I wrote a synopsis and sample chapter of Sold and found an agent to represent it. The book eventually translated into every possible language and has so far sold over three million copies and spawned a sequel.

To get her story on tape Zana and I spent three days together in a hotel suite in Birmingham and I then spent between two and three months writing.

As with all the authors I ghost for, Zana had complete control over the text, nothing would even be shown to the agent until she had okayed it, but she changed almost nothing. Always having one good agent representing both parties in the arrangement, whose prime interest is in getting the book well published, not in encouraging the ghost and the author to fight one another for larger shares of the resulting royalties, means that I have almost never exchanged a cross word with any of my subjects.What is Ghostwriting?

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Whenever making money from article writing is discussed, the first way that everyone thinks about is ghost writing. This means writing articles for other people that they can use however they want and even put their own name to them as the author.

These articles will range from + words.

ghost writing articles

The writer must have experience in entertainment writing and possess familiarity with SEO best practices. Writer must be receptive to feedback and can be available Monday-Friday to collaborate on topics.

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